It Has Been A Wonderful Day

After 36+ hours of travel time, we were finally able to sleep a straight 12 hours. Needless to say, we all got up rested and ready to go today.

God allowed us to have some very special one-on-one conversations with the missionaries today. We were so thankful for those appointed, open, conversations.  Not only did we have the opportunity to encourage them, but they encouraged us as well.  

Later in the day we were blessed to spend time with a Chinese, English speaking believer, who has suffered much persecution for her faith. She has recently opened a school where she teaches English to elementary children. She uses these classes to share the Love of God.  

Because she has no teaching experience, our team member who is an educator was able to share some ideas and to encourage her. We quickly found out that Pinterest is universal!  

We will all be visiting her school on Wednesday morning at which time our educator team member will have the opportunity to speak with the parents of her students about how they can help their children study English. Please join us in asking God to allow this to be a time for us to share about how much our God loves us.

We also spent much time walking through the city streets praying and having conversations with Chinese people who could speak English.  It’s been a wonderful day where ministry has taken place.

Please pray for:

  • Protection from the schemes of the evil one for both the missionaries and the Chinese believers.
  • Leaders to rise up from the group that the missionaries work with.
  • Spiritual growth for the new believers and that a passion would be stirred up

God is Working

It was another long day of travel, but we were finally able to meet up with our translator today. What an incredible servants heart that he possesses!  When our plane was delayed, he decided to spend the entire night at the airport so that he wouldn’t be late to pick us up. We are so thankful for this new friendship.

We also had the opportunity to catch up with old friends today. It was a joy to share a meal with the missionaries and to hear all about what God is doing in the lives of those that they are working with. Plans were made for us to  go to church with the missionaries and their friends. We will even get to celebrate the 4th of July together.

Please pray for the missionaries and their friends. The authorities have been watching them. Also, please ask that our team will be able to get rested quickly and that we will be given appointed meetings.

Please pray for:

  1. Safety, peace, boldness, wisdom for the missionaries on the ground
  2. Rest and recovery for the team
  3. Divine appointments

The Team Has Arrived

It has been an interesting day for the East Asia team due to a five hour delay at one airport. Weather in the area kept the team from reaching the final destination until almost five in the morning. Needless to say they were exhausted after many hours of travel. However, even in the middle of this God provided an opportunity for the team to share the gospel with a young lady who was traveling to meet up with her husband. Any guesses as to where this lady was from? San Antonio! Interestingly, this lady left from San Antonio, had a different connecting flight on the other side of the U.S., and met our team in an airport terminal in East Asia due to a weather delay. Our God is brilliant in His design.

Please pray for:

  1. Rest and recovery for the team after long travels
  2. Team unity
  3. An increasing desire for the glory of God to be made known in East Asia
  4. More divine appointments

The Hope of the Gospel

After 20 hours in the air and one more flight before we reach our beginning destination and meet up with our interpreter, our request to God for appointed meetings has begun right here in the US.

On the flight to LA, one of our team members was seated next to a young man. As conversation struck up, they soon found out that they shared a passion for photography. While they looked at equipment and discussed this mutual passion, our team member was able to use that conversation to share the gospel with this young man.

Another appointed meeting occurred during our layover in LA. As one of our team members sat next to an Iranian immigrant, she asked the lady where she was going.  The lady immediately began to cry and shared that she had been in LA caring for her 36 year old daughter who had brain cancer. After months of treatment, there was nothing more that could be done, so they were returning home to Detroit where their daughter could spend her last days surrounded by family. Our team member asked if she could pray with the woman about this situation and the grieving mother began sobbing, grabbed the team members hand, and said yes. After talking to God, conversation continued and the hope that is found in the gospel was shared.

Please ask God that these appointed meetings will continue to occur as boots hit the ground in East Asia. Also, please ask God to give peace to Celeste and her family as she lives her final days here on earth.

Please Pray For:

  1. God ordained appointments
  2. Celeste and her family
  3. Rest and recovery for the team after long travels
  4. Team unity 
  5. God’s glory to be seen in East Asia

And They’re Off

The team left SA earlier this morning and will be spending a few hours in LA.  Their next flight will be almost 14 hours long so hopefully they will be able to get some sleep along the way. We will be tracking each flight and will post regular updates to keep you informed. Thank you for partnering with this team through prayer as they seek to obediently follow God’s will in mission.

Please Pray:

  • for the team. (safety, health, rest, etc…)
  • for their work. (divine appointments and open hearts)
  • for their loved ones back home (peace, protection, and joy as they partner)
  • for the lost to know Jesus!!!

Always on Mission- Update #8

It is near the end of our time here in East Asia. Though we can be tempted to view the end as just a time to relax and be tourists, we pray that opportunities would be provided to share the gospel. We took three cars to the airport this morning and in one, a team member was able to engage with an off duty police officer and share the gospel with him. It was a good reminder that we are always on mission. We arrived in Beijing today and after a quick lunch, went to the Great Wall. After a long and busy week of work and service this was a welcome time to let loose, enjoy each other, and enjoy a beautiful place. We had a blast on the wall and drove to downtown afterwards.
At dinner we talked through some of the most influential moments that we witnessed during our time here. God did some incredible things! We can’t wait to share all of the stories with every one of you when we return.
Tomorrow we will enjoy Beijing and get some gifts for family. (We do not spend any time on our trips to do shopping for gifts until the last day.) Our flight leaves at 5:40pm our time (7:40am Sunday morning Central Time). We will arrive home in San Antonio around 11:30pm on Sunday. It will be a long day of travel, but we are so excited to see our families and friends!
Thank you for lifting us up. God has heard you and answered. Please continue to lift up our remaining hours as we seek to not waste any opportunity to share. Please also lift up our travel.

Please pray for:

– Opportunities to share!
– Safe Travels