The Team Has Arrived

The Team Has Arrived

The Hope of the Gospel

The Hope of the Gospel

Always on Mission- Update #8

Always on Mission- Update #8

And They’re Off

And They’re Off

Just a quick update

This one will be short. We had a very long day of traveling today and are very grateful for the prayers of our family back home. The next few days will be full of some good interaction with missionaries and we are very excited to take part in it. Tomorrow night we will meet up with a business owner and will be discussing the possibility of joining with them to hire workers in this province. Thank you for your continual prayers and we look forward to sharing more with you soon! Please pray for… Rest… Read More

Making New Friends

This afternoon we left good friends in G-city and headed south to a college campus. It was great spending so much time serving our friends. Through our time together we have been in awe of what God has done and is doing. Healthy churches are being established and are now sending people out! As our groups interact with different partners in different places we get to see a glimpse of how Father is using the body for his glory. When we arrived at a campus south of G-city we met up with brand new… Read More