Follow Up and Talking Business

Today we woke up in Joe City and had time to meet with a missionary there. We had multiple things to follow up on since we had a few teams work with his group a bit this year. It was very exciting to see how God is using our groups to reveal a greater calling and opportunity to those who live here. We had a great conversation about how we could be a part of connecting him to an opportunity to lead other Teachers in another city. We have been praying for this missionary and his… Read More

Just a quick update

This one will be short. We had a very long day of traveling today and are very grateful for the prayers of our family back home. The next few days will be full of some good interaction with missionaries and we are very excited to take part in it. Tomorrow night we will meet up with a business owner and will be discussing the possibility of joining with them to hire workers in this province. Thank you for your continual prayers and we look forward to sharing more with you soon! Please pray for… Rest… Read More

Making New Friends

This afternoon we left good friends in G-city and headed south to a college campus. It was great spending so much time serving our friends. Through our time together we have been in awe of what God has done and is doing. Healthy churches are being established and are now sending people out! As our groups interact with different partners in different places we get to see a glimpse of how Father is using the body for his glory. When we arrived at a campus south of G-city we met up with brand new… Read More

God is able

This task is too much for us. God is able and he has called us to work together as one body as he works through us. This was made evident as we talked with our friends about the opportunities and struggles that we all face in this work. One of our main goals on this trip was to seek to serve our missionary friends by listening to the work that is being done through them. We heard so many great things about how cooperative churches back home support the work and how our resources… Read More

I perceive that in every way you are very religious…

Today we were able to go to a brand new mall in the city. Our goal was to prayer walk the mall as we sought the leading of the Holy Spirit. This city is moving towards urbanization at a rapid pace. The people are getting jobs in cities and seeking material gain. City planners and developers want to capitalize so they build massive developments, anticipating growth. Ultimately they are banking on the rise of consumerism. It became clear to us that we were witnessing something similar to Paul in Acts 17. He walked… Read More

God is Creating a Masterpiece (Update 3)

Today we woke up, had breakfast, and headed over to our friends place for morning worship. It was a great opportunity to join with a group of workers from around the area to praise God, listen to Him, and pray for each other. The teaching was on the role we play in sharing Jesus Christ with others and the role that the Holy Spirit plays. It is truly encouraging and empowering to know that He brings people to himself. It is our privilege to be used as we are obedient. This group is… Read More