Update #3: Compassion and Co-mission

From Jim: Compassion What a welcome we received at the village today! Our Father has clearly been working to bring different people together for just this moment. The village that the pastor wanted to take us to is the same village that our driver, Mr. Pan, grew up. The village is in a beautiful setting with mountains in the background and a stream runs through it. Aside from the scenery though is the clear needs of the people due to poverty. We can begin to address some of these needs with simple… Read More

Update #2: Praise and Petition

From Jim: Praise for blessings yesterday: 1.  Our meeting with the pastor of the 3S (national church) went well. He seems to be like minded in our mission of evangelism and discipleship and to be a person we can work with.  (Admin side note: This is not typical for us to engage with someone in the state church, but God has opened a door that we are praying about. This is great news that is need of great prayer.) Much more to share upon return. 2. We made contact with our teacher… Read More

First Update from East Asia Trip

Good Monday morning everyone, This is a quick message from the administrator of this blog site. We post updates from our current mission trips here so that you can be aware of what is going on and how you can be praying. Due to the sensitive nature of communication in our current location the blog post will be edited so that you can read it more easily. Our email communication must be written with selective code language so the posts you will see here are edited. Here is our first update from… Read More