Update #9: Praise God and Pray

From Jim: In my last entry posted from in country ( Update #8: Compassion and Challenge) I told of delivering the socks, shoes and jackets for each of the 183 children at the elementary school.  That day at the school ended when government officials arrived. We left L-city the next day and are all now safely home and preparing for Thanksgiving. Today we received word that the government officials confiscated the clothes left at the school. What emotions this news prompts!  As I try to process this news I’m reminded that 2… Read More

Update #8: Compassion and Challenge

From Jim: Compassion Last Tuesday when we first visited the m people village located about one hour drive from L city, we asked the principal of the elementary school what we could do to help.  He told us of four things: School supplies for the 183 children. Coats and shoes for each child. Glass for the windows of the old building that houses the kinder and first grade classes. A new sanitary toilet. School supplies were bought in L city and delivered by us to the students last Thursday. The clothes had to… Read More

Update #7: Saturday and Sunday

From Jim: Saturday Saturday morning we visited the M people museum.  We saw pictures on the wall showing creation of man from the perspective of evolutionary theory.  The communists preach that there is no God and that only leaves them the theory of evolution.  When you see the pictures of the sea and then ape looking men you realize what a leap of faith you have to make to believe evolution. Tammy, Tatiana, and Sandy met Lisa for dinner.  Lisa shared two things that were instrumental in her becoming a believer.  The first… Read More

Update #6: Devotion and Home Visitation

From Jim: Devotion This morning we had an extended time of devotion.  The past several days we have had to hurry off so today was special. I’ve learned that sometimes the biggest accomplishment of a short term missions trip is what God does in you, not what you do for him. In our devotional time we shared how Gd was changing our eyes, helping us to see things in a new way.  We also prayed that we would use our remaining days here with purpose and not just drift, or be tourist…. Read More

Update #5: The Village

From Jim: Today we returned to the village with the simple school supplies we had purchased.  What a sight we made.  There are 6 of us, our interpreter,  and the driver.  The van was small but we can just fit with three in the back, three in the middle and two up front.  But we also have three large boxes of school supplies that we had to tie to the roof and off we went. Once we arrived at the school the principal took us to each classroom where we handed out… Read More

Update #4: Idols, Alamo, Pizza, Teachers, Pastor

From Jim: Idols and The Alamo There is a Buddhist temple here in L city. As we approached we heard chanting.  A young man and woman were there who apparently had paid for some type of ceremony the monks were doing for them.  The monks were chanting and playing musical instruments.  The couple were repeatedly cow towing in front of a statute of Buda.  To see people bowing in front of an Idol makes an impression you you don’t forget. Seeing this reminds you clearly of the admonitions of God for men… Read More