Update #6 New Years Team

Dateline Tuesday, January 7, 2014.   God used the rains from yesterday and lots of medicines to keep our allergies under control and keep us going. We went to the office of Mr. Zou, the economic development official for the county.  We had a letter written by Jim as president of the Alamo Club to deliver to him.  We did not have an appointment but God arranged for Mr. Zou to meet with us.  Mr. Zou shared the development being done to the city and county infrastructure to make it more friendly… Read More

Update #5 New Years Team

Dateline Sunday and Monday, January 5 and 6, 2014   As Cedar Fever hits San Antonio, there is something in the air here that has affected our allergies. Today we went to the TSPM church near the high school.  Our translator had the opportunity to teach the children’s Sunday School.  His youth and enthusiasm was a big hit with the kids.  Then we all attended the Sunday morning worship service which included partaking in the Lord’s Supper.  Even though we couldn’t understand the words of the songs or preaching, it was still a powerful experience to share this… Read More

Update #4 New Years Team

Dateline Friday and Saturday, January 3 and 4, 2014   We hired Mr. Pan to drive us to the elementary school.  We were able to verify through several sources that the clothes delivered by the November Team were in fact received by the children. (Praise the Lord!)  We looked at the old building where the windows are to be replaced for the kindergartens and first graders.  We also have been requested to replace seven windows on the second story rear of the main school building.  At another school an elementary student fell from a… Read More

Update #3 New Years Team

Dateline Thursday, January 2, 2014. Today we took our believer friend from L-City to meet a believer in Y-City.  The believer in Y-City is a friend of our translator.  The meeting between the 2 women went well.  All together we spent about 5 hours discussing scripture.  It was a blessing for us all and we trust this can be the start of an on-going friendship for these 2 women and a chance of discipleship for our friend from L-City. In the evening we had dinner with 2 of the women from the… Read More

Update #2 of the New Year’s Team Trip

From Bill: January 1 is an official holiday here. We met with a sister of the three self state church in L-city. She is helping coordinate matters with the contractor to install the new windows at the elementary school. We plan to attend Sunday services at the church. On Thursday January 2 we plan to take our believer friend from L-city to Y-city to meet a believer there who could disciple her. Pray for a good meeting and bonding of these two Christian women. Pray for us as we work with our translator to… Read More

Update #1 from New Year’s trip to East Asia

We currently have a team of two in East Asia for the purposes of discipleship of a new believer and for coordinating installation of windows in an elementary school that had none. Many kindergarten and 1st graders are sitting in class in the winter without windows or heaters.     -Josh Here is the first update from our guys: Our New Year’s team has arrived safely in country but missing the main suitcase of one team member.  Please pray it will be found and gets to him soon.  We thought this team… Read More