Update #3: Divine Appointments

Today we split up into 3 groups of 4 and went out to different college campuses. Our goal was to Prayerwalk and engage in conversation with those who were open to talk. Usually it can take some time for appointments to be set for follow up conversations, but your prayers were answered today! All three teams encountered incredible opportunities to share and set follow ups. Here are some highlights of their stories: One team encountered some music majors at a campus and they were able to connect with one of our team members who teaches… Read More

Update #2: The Vastness of the Lost

Today was a great day. Though no one was able to get more than 5 hours of sleep we all had energy and stayed awake all day! We started the day with a good local breakfast: either noodles or pastries. We then had orientation where we were able to meet with local workers and hear their heart for the people of the city and all those who live around the city. After an incredible local lunch we left for a hike up a mountain to see the vastness of the city. The… Read More

Update #1: Safe Arrival and Flexibility

Safe Arrival We arrived safely in G city at our scheduled time and while we are all very exhausted everyone is in good health. Everyone is excited about our day tomorrow as we get oriented with the city and get to spend time with the workers.   Flexibility   While we arrived safely we have faced a few struggles. We have 3 bags that did not arrive with us. The airlines are working to get them to us tomorrow. The great news is that we planned for this and no one is… Read More

That Was Not Our Plane

I thought I should write a quick post for those who have seen the news tonight about the Malaysia Airline flight that went missing.  I have received a couple of phone calls, and let me reassure you, THAT WAS NOT OUR TEAM’S PLANE.  I checked flight status and our team is safe in the air and on schedule to land at approximately 1:10am our time. Thank you for your continued prayers, and an update will be forthcoming once the team has reached their final destination. Kim

Blog Introduction and Airport Info

Happy Tuesday! Welcome For those who are already subscribed to our blog please allow us just a moment to welcome those who will be receiving updates from our March Trip. As updates are posted you will be able to see them all through this blog. Please enter your email address on the right hand side to subscribe to this blog so that you can stay involved in this mission throughout future trips. Airport  Our March team will be arriving at the San Antonio International Airport this Friday, March 7th at 5:30am. If… Read More

March Trip Booked!!!

I can’t believe that in less than one month 12 people from 7 different churches in San Antonio, TX will travel abroad to East Asia to share the Gospel of Christ with the M-People. The tickets are purchased and rooms reserved! Praise God! Thank you for your faithful prayer. Why 12 people from 7 different churches? God has laid it on our hearts that this mission is bigger than one church or organization. He has led us to seek a collaborative bond with the Church in San Antonio to invite them to… Read More