Final Update: Welcome Home

The Long Road Home We are back! We finally made it back to San Antonio around noon on Monday. The flight to Detroit seemed like a relatively short flight and there were many open seats so some were able to be more comfortable with more leg room. Once we landed in Detroit the real fun began. As we waited for the flight home to San Antonio the delay became a bigger delay and the departure time seemed to be pushed back every 10 minutes. As you can imagine we were very ready… Read More

Update #8: The Great Wall

***Please note: This is a day late due to bad WiFi connection yesterday. We are currently in the Detroit airport waiting to boardĀ for San Antonio!*** Two walls were discovered today. The trip has been an absolute blast and we cannot believe that it is almost over! Leaving each city, each relationship, and even East Asia itself is difficult. The last day is spent in a relaxing way so that we can recover our energy and also so that we can collect our thoughts on what we have experienced this week. The First… Read More

Update #7: Goodbye G-City

Finishing Strong Today was our final day in G-city. We leave tomorrow to fly to Beijing and scale the Great Wall! Before the tourist part of our trip we had to finish strong in our work. One group had lunch with a teacher that they have been building a friendship with. She still has many questions about the Gospel and a worker in G-city will follow up with her when we leave to continue the relationship. As many Prayerwalked the city for the last time there were many things that stuck out:… Read More

Update #6: Back Together

Today the L-City team came back to Joe City. Before we were reunited, both groups had an exciting day. L-City The team had a quick breaded dumpling breakfast and jumped in a bus to ride on a very bumpy road to an elementary school. A previous team had worked with contractors to put windows in the school. The windows looked great! The kids were extremely excited to open the gate and welcome us. It was about as close to movie stardom as we will ever get. The team then had the opportunity… Read More

Update #5: Divide and Conquer

Ok, so we did not do any conquering today, but as ambassadors to the Light that conquers darkness we shined as bright as we could. We did divide our team today between two cities. Six of us stayed in Joe City and worked in English classes in a high school. Later in the day the team was able to attend a local church meeting. What a great experience! There are many stories to tell about the Joe City team, but it was too late at night to get the details for this… Read More

Update #4: Open Doors and Unity

Open Doors Today most of our team had follow up appointments with people that they met yesterday. One meeting was over breakfast and the college student was very open to the Gospel. He is very intelligent and was asking some very difficult questions like: plausibility of the resurrection? -and- can you prove things scientifically? These questions are important to answer well so that you can show how science and faith don’t conflict. Thankfully our friend’s English was so good that he could understand the discussion well and respond with great thoughts and… Read More