July Trip Update #8: Headed Home

Mighty things are taking place in this great land and it is simply the result of His doing.

July Trip Update #7: Our God is Good!

God is at work here.

July Trip Update #6: Saying Goodbye and Rest

She has become part of our family so it was a bit of a struggle to see her leave, but we are thankful for this new friendship.

July Trip Update #5: It’s a Way of Life

With a smile she simply responded, “Telling people is what we are supposed to do.” For many members of this church, sharing about Jesus isn’t something they do, it is a way of life.

July Trip Update #4: Hope is Rising

His word is spreading and hope is rising.

July Trip Update #3: Follow Up and Praise

Please pray for us as we hope to share the life-giving gospel in this area.