Update #7: Safely Home

The team specifically noted that they saw the effects of our pryers while they were engaged in ministry.

Update #6: Meeting With The Family

We met in an upper room in the back of a business behind a locked door.

Update #5: Persons of Peace

There was something satisfying about our Father taking the fight to the enemy’s own stronghold.

On Their Way

Thank you for partnering with this team through prayer as they seek to obediently follow God’s will in mission.

Update #1:Wheels Up

The Spring Break team consisting of 4 people from 2 different collaborative churches are now in the air headed to East Asia.

Prayer for Tonight and Tomorrow

Tomorrow the first collaborative team for 2016 leaves for East Asia. Will you please join us in prayer for them as they finish their preparations and sleep. Please Pray: Pray for rest. Nerves run high the night before and it can be hard to get sleep. Pray for peace. The night before can be filled with thoughts of what they are leaving. Pray for joy. The enemy tries to steal the joy of the mission. Pray against his efforts. We will be sending trip updates for prayer. Please subscribe to this site… Read More