CH July Trip Update #8: Church Services and Safely Home

Praise God! The team made it back home last night.

CH July Trip Update #7: Road to Damascus

Who knows what will become of those seeds.

CH July Trip Update #6: Longing for Home

With each passing day, as our days on this earth draw to a close, our longing for Him will only be satisfied when we see our Savior face to face. What a glorious day that will be.

CH July Trip Update #5: Singing and Prayer

Love is an unusual and rare commodity here that cannot be ignored.

CH July Trip Update #4: His Plans and Ours

We worked more efficiently by dividing and multiplying – only in His economy does that equation work so well.

CH July Trip Update #3: L-City

Of course, what we thought we knew wasn’t exactly what happened but in the end God had his plan and He will be glorified.