Home Sweet Home

Back in the Alamo city

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

(Update 8) God is Still Working Here

There still remains many who haven’t heard the gospel

(Update 7) God was here long before us

God was at work in this city long before we got here

(Update 6) So That ALL Will Know HIM

During this time seeds were planted and others were watered

(Update 5) The Church is Advancing 

  Dear Family and Friends, The past few days have been filled with reminders of God’s faithfulness. As we traveled to L-County, our team was filled with excitement to re-establish old friendships with the believers of this city. We were quick to locate one of our good friends and then prepare for a meeting with the leader of the church. During this time, we found that the church is growing despite great levels of persecution. We also found that many of the believers are in need of encouragement and prayer as they… Read More