God Is At Work

It was a memorable day today as we made a trip into a different city to check up on some friends.

Our first stop was to a Buddhist temple. As we climbed the steps to the top, you could sense the darkness. One team member said it made the hair on her arms stand up. We looked out across the city and asked God to tear down strongholds and to bring His light there. Our missionary friend took the opportunity to share the gospel with a temple groundskeeper and then the groundskeeper allowed us to gather around him to pray. We will never know the outcome of that conversation, but we do know that truth was spoken.

Next, we made a visit to a state church. We met with one of the leaders who is a friend of ours. She told us that they have birthed several new churches since our last visit and are adding to their number weekly. She also shared that the authorities are visiting much more lately, so in the future we may only be able to stop in to say hello. They asked us to please lift them up as they consider searching for a married couple that can come in and help ease  some of their load. It was wonderful to see that God continues to use them in such a powerful way!  

Our last stop before heading back to the hotel was to see another church leader who runs a local computer store. The reunion was so sweet. After we exchanged greetings, our friend told us that the building that her store is housed in has been sold and she has to be out in two days. As of yet, she has no place to go. She shared a location that she would like to move to, and asked that we pray for her as she tries to secure a new place. She uses some earnings from the store to help pay for several church expenses, so she knows that God will provide the right place.

Please continue to pray for us. We have several days left before we make the long journey back.  We have seen God move and we are anxious to share with you the many stories when we return.

Please pray for:

  1. Strongholds to be broken down and the glory of God to be seen in East Asia

  2. Provision for this local church leader

  3. Continual boldness, strength, and perseverance for believers

  4. Energy and perseverance for our team

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