Hope Is Found in Jesus

We started our day out by going to school!  Our friend, who is an English speaking believer, invited us to visit her classroom where she has opened a school where she teaches elementary age children to speak English. Our team member who is an educator, had the privilege of speaking to the parents of these students. She was able to encourage the parents on the importance of teaching their children to speak a second language. She also provided tips on how to help them in the learning process. The parents soaked up every bit of this time. The goal in opening this school is to use it as an avenue to develop a relationship with the parents so that she may begin to share the gospel.  We are praying that today’s meeting will help generate excitement which will in turn bring more people to Christ.

The children came also. We took them to another room where our interpreter helped in translating the conversation. As we talked about our favorite books, we were able to direct it towards telling the children that our favorite book is the Bible. The story of David and Goliath was told along with some other stories. The kids listened intently. Again, the desire of this school is to weave stories of the word into every day teaching so that children will hear early on in life of the hope that is found in Jesus.

Next, we walked the city streets praying over people who seemingly walk around aimlessly day after day. We prayed around homes, around the hospital, around the government buildings……anything that was in our path was prayed over. Oh, how this place needs Jesus!!  

Tonight we joined with the missionaries and his fellowship. We shared a message with them from Acts 2:41-47 about how a church should function. The night ended in a sweet time of bearing one another’s burdens through praying. The young and the old were encouraged, strengthened and challenged!

Our team is doing great!  We are still full of energy, and excited about the work we are here to do!  Please continue to lift up the church that the missionaries have started. Also, please lift up this newly created school and ask that its mission will be accomplished. Finally, please cover us tomorrow in your prayers. We will be making a visit with a church in another town, and the missionary will be making that trip with us in order to set up some future teaching opportunities.

Please pray for:

  1. Our missionary friend’s church

  2. Our friends school. Pray that it would be used as a platform to share the gospel!

  3. Energy and strength for our team

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