Our God is Greater!

Today was a special day as we celebrated America’s birthday with the missionaries. They told us that it is important to their family to celebrate American holidays, so they invited us over to share a Fourth of July meal.  One of our missionary friends decorated the tables in red, white and blue and we all crowded into the kitchen to make french fries in a wok, and hamburgers in an cast iron skillet. It was fun to explain the traditions of our country to our translator, and it was even more fun to try and explain to him what a hamburger was!

We had also learned earlier that it is common here for people to not ever know their actual birth dates or how old they really are. This was the case with our translator and because he has never celebrated his birthday, we decided to add one more tradition to the day by throwing  him his first ever surprise birthday party. The celebration was complete with birthday cake, birthday hats and gifts. He was thrilled!

Tomorrow is a big day. We will have the opportunity to speak to the parents of students who attend the english classes. We will also meet with the missionaries church.

So much has happened today and we clearly see that God is at work!  Persecution may be great, but our God IS greater!

Please pray for:

  1. Missionary friends who are laboring in the fields

  2. The persecuted church

  3. The glory of God to be seen in East Asia

  4. Gospel centered conversations with teachers and students tomorrow

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