It Has Been A Wonderful Day

After 36+ hours of travel time, we were finally able to sleep a straight 12 hours. Needless to say, we all got up rested and ready to go today.

God allowed us to have some very special one-on-one conversations with the missionaries today. We were so thankful for those appointed, open, conversations.  Not only did we have the opportunity to encourage them, but they encouraged us as well.  

Later in the day we were blessed to spend time with a Chinese, English speaking believer, who has suffered much persecution for her faith. She has recently opened a school where she teaches English to elementary children. She uses these classes to share the Love of God.  

Because she has no teaching experience, our team member who is an educator was able to share some ideas and to encourage her. We quickly found out that Pinterest is universal!  

We will all be visiting her school on Wednesday morning at which time our educator team member will have the opportunity to speak with the parents of her students about how they can help their children study English. Please join us in asking God to allow this to be a time for us to share about how much our God loves us.

We also spent much time walking through the city streets praying and having conversations with Chinese people who could speak English.  It’s been a wonderful day where ministry has taken place.

Please pray for:

  • Protection from the schemes of the evil one for both the missionaries and the Chinese believers.
  • Leaders to rise up from the group that the missionaries work with.
  • Spiritual growth for the new believers and that a passion would be stirred up

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