The Hope of the Gospel

After 20 hours in the air and one more flight before we reach our beginning destination and meet up with our interpreter, our request to God for appointed meetings has begun right here in the US.

On the flight to LA, one of our team members was seated next to a young man. As conversation struck up, they soon found out that they shared a passion for photography. While they looked at equipment and discussed this mutual passion, our team member was able to use that conversation to share the gospel with this young man.

Another appointed meeting occurred during our layover in LA. As one of our team members sat next to an Iranian immigrant, she asked the lady where she was going.  The lady immediately began to cry and shared that she had been in LA caring for her 36 year old daughter who had brain cancer. After months of treatment, there was nothing more that could be done, so they were returning home to Detroit where their daughter could spend her last days surrounded by family. Our team member asked if she could pray with the woman about this situation and the grieving mother began sobbing, grabbed the team members hand, and said yes. After talking to God, conversation continued and the hope that is found in the gospel was shared.

Please ask God that these appointed meetings will continue to occur as boots hit the ground in East Asia. Also, please ask God to give peace to Celeste and her family as she lives her final days here on earth.

Please Pray For:

  1. God ordained appointments
  2. Celeste and her family
  3. Rest and recovery for the team after long travels
  4. Team unity 
  5. God’s glory to be seen in East Asia

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