Always on Mission- Update #8

It is near the end of our time here in East Asia. Though we can be tempted to view the end as just a time to relax and be tourists, we pray that opportunities would be provided to share the gospel. We took three cars to the airport this morning and in one, a team member was able to engage with an off duty police officer and share the gospel with him. It was a good reminder that we are always on mission. We arrived in Beijing today and after a quick lunch, went to the Great Wall. After a long and busy week of work and service this was a welcome time to let loose, enjoy each other, and enjoy a beautiful place. We had a blast on the wall and drove to downtown afterwards.
At dinner we talked through some of the most influential moments that we witnessed during our time here. God did some incredible things! We can’t wait to share all of the stories with every one of you when we return.
Tomorrow we will enjoy Beijing and get some gifts for family. (We do not spend any time on our trips to do shopping for gifts until the last day.) Our flight leaves at 5:40pm our time (7:40am Sunday morning Central Time). We will arrive home in San Antonio around 11:30pm on Sunday. It will be a long day of travel, but we are so excited to see our families and friends!
Thank you for lifting us up. God has heard you and answered. Please continue to lift up our remaining hours as we seek to not waste any opportunity to share. Please also lift up our travel.

Please pray for:

– Opportunities to share!
– Safe Travels

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