God is SO Faithful- Update #6

This was our last full day in Joe City. We spent the early part of the day prayer walking the city and the college campus. Most of the day was spent preparing for a Thanksgiving feast at an apartment in town. This was very interesting as the ingredients, utensils, and appliances were very different from what anyone was used to. Having said that, it was PERFECT! The food was amazing and the company was great. We had eight local friends come to the feast and it was so great getting to meet them. During the dinner our new friends wanted to hear the story of Thanksgiving. We gave them the “pre-school” version. More importantly we were able to share what we were thankful for. Two of our team members shared their testimony with the group and they boldly proclaimed the gospel. A couple who had never heard the gospel before mentioned after the dinner that they would like to get together with friends in the city to study the Bible together. It has been good to spend our last full day in the city with our friends and have the opportunity to share the Good News with such a captive audience.
Tomorrow we will leave this city and go back to the capital city. We will then prepare for our trip home. We cannot believe that the week has gone by so quickly! God has been so faithful to us in the work and we cannot wait to share all of the stories with everyone when we return.

Please pray for:
-health of two team members that have a cough/cold
-safe travel to the new city
-for the Holy Spirit to take the seeds planted this week and grow them in fertile soil

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