The Greatest Story Ever Told- Update #5

Our team was able to send 4 people along with our translator to a village today. Our translator, as others before him, has become more than just a translator. He is family. Usually our time in the villages consist of prayer walking and some interaction with sharing the gospel. Today was very unique. The team arrived to find over a dozen people standing around a campfire. Today a cold front blew in and the temperatures were falling throughout the day. After time around the fire, the team was invited into a home and was seated at the place of honor. The people of the village made a strange declaration. They said that they wanted to show our team a traditional dance. The team accepted the offer on the condition that they could share a story with them in return for the performance. Of course we were able to share with them the greatest story every told, the gospel message. They were receptive to the message and and now we pray that the seeds planted will be watered and that they would come to know God through Jesus.
Another part of the team spent a large portion of the day doing what many of you at home are doing right now…. last minute shopping for Thanksgiving dinner! This was a very unique experience learning to navigate the supermarket and find things that we need. One of the big opportunities that we have this week is to prepare and serve a Thanksgiving meal to many locals that were invited to the dinner. The purpose is to evangelize by sharing testimony of what we are thankful for. The preparations had some of our team washing, scrubbing, peeling, cutting things like potatoes and other produce so that tomorrow we can make a Thanksgiving meal for 15 people on a half-stove and a small oven.

Please pray for:
-Our workers in East Asia who struggle with loneliness and lack of community
-Our dinner tomorrow night and for the hearts of those who attend
-For us to finish strong in our last full day in Joe City

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