God Provides- Update #4

The team split up again today as two groups sought to reconnect with friends made in the past. One group went to L-City to connect with Bible Women who have recently seen some persecution. Our group had to enter carefully and were not able to stay the night in L-City due to the high level of security at the moment. The reconnection was good and much was discussed about how to be serve them and the 20+ leaders scattered throughout the villages with teaching. We have a new translator and he has been a big blessing. It is exciting to see how God provides relationships that have greater purposes than we originally planned. This translator is a new friend who is also a leader in training in his local house church in another city. We are excited about this new relationship and helping him grow in his ministry.
During our trips there are moments where individuals need extra rest due to fatigue, stomach issues, or other reasons. This can lead to a feeling of uselessness and disappointment. We train to always expect God to reveal His plan in the proper time for every circumstance. Today we saw that in a very powerful way as one of our teammates was having issues with their feet being sore so we decided to have them rest for the day with a local friend who is a new mom. Though this could have been a “let-down”, God had other plans. For many reasons, this was one of the more powerful appointments that you have been praying for. The new mom was desperate for someone to talk to and it turns out that she had the perfect person to talk with.
The other part of the team sought to further build relationships with local believers. The day was spent  with much conversation and activity around town. Throughout the day we were able to build a level of trust and encouragement. Near the end, the same team member that had met with a new mom connected with this team and served in one of the greatest moments of empathy, encouragement, and discipleship of the day. God truly had mighty plans for the sore feet of this team member. She was able to walk through parenting issues as well as faith issues. There was laughter, tears, and more of both.
The end of the day was spent with two different configurations of the team. One led a church meeting for a local house church while the other group helped teach and English class to children around the age of 9. Both groups had a great night and are exhausted from their day. More updates to come on the outcome of the night meetings.
Tomorrow we will be evangelizing with people in a few villages as well as leading a “foreigner” church meeting in the city.

Please pray for:
-continued strengthening of relationships
-continued good health
-appointments for sharing the Good News

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