God is Working- Update #2

Today we went to a state church to fellowship and praise. It was a very unique experience as we could not follow any of the words sung or spoken. Some of the songs sounded familiar so a few of us sang along in English. The message was outlined in the bulletin…. in Mandarin. One of the team members had found out the capabilities of a translation app and was able to see the bulletin in English on their phone. This was amazing as we could follow along with the outline and keep up with the passages being read. The people could not have been more welcoming and loving to us. They recognized us and everyone said in unison “Welcome, we love you” in Mandarin. They have an English gathering, but it was at a time that we could not make.
We loaded a bus and headed to our final destination on this trip. The bus ride was very scenic. It is interesting for those who have made the bus ride before. As the mountain shapes change you feel very strangely “closer to home.” To those who are new to this area, they were in awe at the beauty of the unique mountain ranges.
We arrived in the city and reunited with friends. We were thrilled to get to have dinner with a friend who moved from our own hometown to here not too long ago. We shared food from a place we call BBQ St. and shared stories of what God was doing in our lives. As always, we tried new foods, well some of us did. We were able to spend time talking with friends and connecting the dots between the previous trips that have taken place. These connections guide us in the work that we seek to do. It is amazing to be a part of such a great group of collaborative churches where every short term group is playing a very real, and very important part in a much bigger story.
We met our translator who was a tour guide for the last group that came. He is a brother in Christ and was highly recommended by the previous team. God revealed something amazing to us as we got to know him. He became a Christian in 2010 when we had two teams in G-city, where he was in school. While we had teams on a campus, he was led to the Jesus by his teacher. They were not associated with us, but it showed the providence of God and reinforced our team to know that He is at work, blessing the obedience of His people. Also, this brother, who works in a different city, responded to our request to translate by letting us know that he had a strangely rare week with no work. Of course, we know that this is not coincidence. We are excited to see what the God does as our translator goes with our teams out to other villages and cities to tell the Good News.

Please pray for:
-Health of our youngest member. He is just fine, but has a nagging cough. Thankfully he is in great health other than the cough.
-energy as we already have fatigue.
-boldness to share
-Thanksgiving dinner opportunity to invite others to share why we are thankful

2 Comments on “God is Working- Update #2

  1. Praying for you all daily…all throughout the day and night! May this trip be fruitful and blessed beyond measure with a safe return!!! God can do anything above that which we can ask or hope!!!

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