Update #6: Meeting With The Family

From the team:

We spent the day walking town and looking for opportunities to share.  We didn’t have a translator today but made good use of our time and became more familiar with the city in which we are working.  People are kind, curious and hospitable here.  People have been eager to help when there is confusion or need.  We walked to a park with trails and too many stairs to a cave and took a tour of the cave which had several interesting formations.  Our attempts to engage our guide didn’t prove particularly successful.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed the  brief tour and the beauty of the park.
After spending some time resting in the middle part of the afternoon, we set out to meet with friends for dinner and lead the meeting for their church.
We met in an upper room in the back of a business behind a locked door.  It was our team, our friends and several of those who belong to his church.  We spoke with father, sang songs and I had the privilege to teach from the book.  I was really pleased with the comments and questions that came out in the meeting.  It was a truly joyful experience for all of us.  We spent time taking pictures and talking and eventually we split up and returned to our own places.  it is an experience I will never forget.  I am grateful and humbled that our Father would use me to bring his message to these  hiding from agents of the enemy, seeking for guidance from our Father.  These are our brothers and sisters.
We said our goodbyes to our friends.  This is our last night here.  It has ended well.

Please pray for:
– Our friends as they lead and support their church.
– For the church as it seeks to grow in numbers and maturity.
– For workers who will come and help them and support them.

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