Update #3: Reunion in Joe City

From the team:

We have arrived to our final destination after a long bus ride. The trip from between cities  was dry and comfortable. Our team members tried to utilize what little we know of the local language as we attempted to get a cab from the bus station in our new location to our hotel. After several minutes of conversation with local cab drivers, all of them drove off, leaving us and our luggage staring as they receded into the distance. One of our bold team members decided to try a different approach and we eventually secured transportation to our abode for the week.

We had dinner with a friend and talked over plans for the week. The next morning we began with a hike to the top of a mountain that overlooks the city with the intent to pray over the area. On the way up, we met an english speaking young, East Asian man who, after several minutes of conversation, invited us to meet up with him at a later time. We accepted and continued on our way. The way was steep, hot and humid. One brave and weary member on the team, handsome and charming and chronically out of shape decided to get a view of the city from a less physically demanding viewpoint. The view from the top was spectacular. And there was no view that hid the expanse of a country filled with lost souls.

Our day ended with our friends in town and we made plans for the next day, fully aware that they could change as opportunities and needs arose.

Please pray for:

– Friends in town.

– Friends with health concerns and needs for attention from western health care providers.

– The opportunity to meet the young man we met on the mountain path.

One Comment on “Update #3: Reunion in Joe City

  1. We continue to speak with our Father on your behalf and for each request that you have mentioned specifically. Love the update!

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