Update # 2: Arrival

From the team:

And after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, God delivered his people into…

East Asia. So, it wasn’t quite 40 years but here we are. On the bright side, we weren’t attacked by the Amalekites. Of course, the day ain’t over yet. In any case, we arrived at our hotel in the early hours of Sunday, exhausted but excited for the days to come. Our first meal was breakfast a a small street-side “restaurant” whose name translated to Kill Pig Guy. Sounds safe. Apparently, every part of the pig found itself swimming in a broth with spices and noodles. It was really good and a great first taste of East Asia¬†for those on our trip that have never been here before.

We are set to depart for Joe City later today where we will meet with friends there. God has cared for us and preserved us and will continue to do so through our time here.

Pray for:

– First and foremost, God’s work in and around Joe City and the M and LZ peoples this week.

– Health and endurance for his ambassadors.

– Our friends and their work for the kingdom.

– Those who God will prepare for his gospel with who we come into contact.

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