(Update 6) So That ALL Will Know HIM

Dear Family and Friends,

Today has been another eventful day. We began in the classroom speaking with university students. During this time, we were able to engage students in conversations about various topics. We discussed American traditions, family backgrounds, and how someone can avoid the luring offers from the world. Team members were given the opportunity to talk in small groups with students and share the importance of Jesus within their own lives. One member was even given the opportunity to sing over the class. Tomorrow we will return to the classroom in hopes of sharing more.

This afternoon our team spent time with two of our local friends. We were able to spend time studying the word together and encourage them in their work. Our team has been blessed by this couple and their willingness to count the cost. Though they are thousands of miles away from family, they have answered the call, and are giving their lives in surrender to God. The team has been encouraged to emulate this example.

Two members of the team were also given an opportunity to meet with two college students this afternoon. This meeting truly showed God’s providence. Yesterday, the team members met two students that they planned on meeting again today. Upon the arrival of today’s meeting, our team members were concerned about the need for a translator. God showed his providence as the students brought a friend who is fluent in English to the meeting. As the conversation began, it was discovered that this “translator” had previous knowledge of Jesus. Her family members were believers and had previously shared Jesus with her. Throughout the course of the conversation, the good news was shared, the significance of baptism was discussed, and the testimonies of the team members were shared. We know that during this time, seeds were planted and others were watered.

This week has been busy, and yet we have seen how God is busy at work in so many ways. We know that God has a great love for the Chinese people and He is worthy of their worship. Please join us in prayer as we complete this week. Please pray for the health of our team, for more appointed meetings, and most of all, for God to be magnified in this nation.

So that all will know,

Team C

Please Pray…

  • Pray for receptive hearts for the people that the team will encounter
  • Pray for the perseverance of the local church as they face persecution
  • Pray for the two college students who heard the gospel this week
  • Pray for the health of our team members
  • Pray for the Spirit to set meetings in advance and to direct their steps
  • Pray for our friends in East Asia that they would be encouraged and empowered by our team.
  • Pray that God would be glorified among the Chinese people

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