(Update 5) The Church is Advancing 


Dear Family and Friends,

The past few days have been filled with reminders of God’s faithfulness. As we traveled to L-County, our team was filled with excitement to re-establish old friendships with the believers of this city. We were quick to locate one of our good friends and then prepare for a meeting with the leader of the church. During this time, we found that the church is growing despite great levels of persecution. We also found that many of the believers are in need of encouragement and prayer as they lead this group of people. Our team was able to spend time praying for these women and the church that they are leading, along with the M-People. We were blown away while viewing God’s work in the lives of the people that he has raised up in this area. Followers of Jesus are surrendering their lives to his work and are truly counting the cost. Please join us in praying for these believers as they daily face misunderstandings and rejection from the world due to their faith.

This afternoon, we returned to Joe City. We spent time prayer walking around the local university. During this time, and due to God’s providence, two members of the team were able to meet some college students. Through conversation a meeting has been set up for later in the week with these students. We ask that you pray that the hearts of these two students would be open and receptive to the gospel.

Finally, our team was able to take part in a local church meeting this evening. As we joined fellow believers behind locked doors, it was obvious that many are thirsty for the Lord. Students filled the room and sang about the love, grace, and protection of our God. Even now we can hear the echoes of these student’s voices as they sang “I will be still and know that you are God.” God is so good and we can rest completely in him. Please lift up these believers as they grow in their faith and begin their walks with Jesus.

Tomorrow we will return to the classroom. As the trip nears it’s end please join us in prayer as we engage with people and share about Jesus. Also, we have some members who are struggling with sickness. Please be praying for them up as we continue to serve.

We are looking forward to what is to come,

Team C 

 Please Pray…

  • Pray for receptive hearts for the people that the team will encounter
  • Pray for the perseverance of the local church as they face persecution
  • Pray for the two college students who our team will be meeting with later in the week
  • Pray for the health of our team members
  • Pray for the Spirit to set meetings in advance and to direct their steps
  • Pray for our friends in East Asia that they would be encouraged and empowered by our team.

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