(Update 4) We Serve the Living God


Dear Family and Friends,

May I first begin by saying that God is good.

Today has been an eventful day. We began early this morning on a university campus. We had the privilege of spending time in an English Class. As we spoke with the students about our own interests and the American culture, we were reminded of how blessed we are. One member of the team was also able to teach the students about the “holiday known as Easter.” As many of these students heard about Jesus for the first time, it is our prayer that they would begin to pursue after His truth. We believe in faith that God’s word, when shared, never returns void. As a result, we also believe that fruit will be produced from this morning’s events.

This afternoon was spent in prayer. As we walked around Joe City, our hearts were humbled as we viewed the daily lives of so many people here. It is clear that many wander the streets with no knowledge of Jesus. Though the language barrier between us was great, we could see that the simple gestures of a hand shake, smile, and greeting, made many see that there was something different about our group that went beyond the fact that we are foreigners. Our walk then led us up a hill to the city’s local temple. It was here that we found sacrifices that many people had left before the false idols. Though it was hard for us to understand how someone could place their trust in a mere image, our hearts rejoice at the reminder that we serve the living God.

Tomorrow our team will head towards L-County. We hope to reconnect with our friends there and spend time lifting them up. As this part of our journey begins, we ask that you join us in praying for the people of L-County. We pray that God will provide us with his appointments and opportunity to share. We know that He is faithful and is greatly at work in this nation.

So that all will know,
Team C

Please Pray…

  • Pray for energy and focus as the team adjusts to a different time zone
  • Pray for receptive hearts for the students that the team will encounter
  • Pray for boldness
  • Pray for the Spirit to set meetings in advance and to direct their steps
  • Pray for the people that they will meet and share with, that their hearts would be open
  • Pray for our friends in East Asia that they would be encouraged and empowered by our team.


One Comment on “(Update 4) We Serve the Living God

  1. So good to see smiles on your faces. I know what that means to your families and to the one you serve.

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