Follow Up and Talking Business

Today we woke up in Joe City and had time to meet with a missionary there. We had multiple things to follow up on since we had a few teams work with his group a bit this year. It was very exciting to see how God is using our groups to reveal a greater calling and opportunity to those who live here. We had a great conversation about how we could be a part of connecting him to an opportunity to lead other Teachers in another city.
We have been praying for this missionary and his wife for a while and asking God to provide a good church family nearby. We were grateful to God to learn that they have been in monthly fellowship with family just south of them. He made a strong point that they spend so much time pouring into others that it was nice to have others pour into them.
One way that we can be pouring into them right now is by praying for them. The wife is in another country waiting to deliver their first child. He will join her in another week when his classes are done. He is a teacher. It can be stressful enough to have a child, but to have to travel separately and be apart for a while can add much to that.
Our group took a bus to N-City to meet up with a business contact. Our team back home has been discussing this possibility for years and it was so incredible to be a part of this meeting. It is clear to us that God is orchestrating so many moving pieces for a reason. That reason is for His glory to be shown and for His name to be known. We loved talking business with our new friend and discussing how important work is in the scheme of our faith walk.
We have seen so much of God showing off with the creation that he has put under our care. The majesty of the landscape here reminds us of how great He is and how small we are. We can’t wait to share pictures with everyone when we get home.
Please Pray:
-For the team to finish strong tomorrow with more meetings with missionary friends
-For discernment on morning conversations on business opportunity
-For the families of the missionaries as they live without the many luxuries that we take for granted
-For the Holy Spirit to reveal opportunities to us to share His news with the lost

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