Making New Friends

This afternoon we left good friends in G-city and headed south to a college campus. It was great spending so much time serving our friends. Through our time together we have been in awe of what God has done and is doing. Healthy churches are being established and are now sending people out! As our groups interact with different partners in different places we get to see a glimpse of how Father is using the body for his glory.
When we arrived at a campus south of G-city we met up with brand new friends who have been working in the city for 5 years. Our team was able to interact with over 20 teachers who are refining their English. We were able to engage with them and discuss family issues. So many great seeds were planted and now our missionary friends get to follow up with those that we spoke with.
It is clear to us that God is bringing his church together in collaborative cooperation! It is so amazing to be a part of the Church on a global scale. We pray that everyone in local churches worldwide can see this as well. We are a part of something so much bigger and important than the size of our meeting places and budgets.
Please pray for our energy. We have a day of rest and travel tomorrow. Pray that the rest would give us fresh energy to finish our time here strong. Pray for the teachers that we shared with. Pray for the community of missionaries that live here. They are our family and we need to find more ways to encourage them in their work.

Please pray for…

  • Rest and energy for the team
  • Safety as the team travels to another city
  • Local church leadership
  • Missionaries laboring in the fields

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