God is able

This task is too much for us. God is able and he has called us to work together as one body as he works through us. This was made evident as we talked with our friends about the opportunities and struggles that we all face in this work. One of our main goals on this trip was to seek to serve our missionary friends by listening to the work that is being done through them. We heard so many great things about how cooperative churches back home support the work and how our resources are put to use. We also gained a greater perspective on the how our work can come beside theirs and create synergy. It should be no surprise to church members that we are meant to fit together in unity and work together as we walk obediently.
Our time here in G-city has been so incredibly fruitful, and while we look forward to moving on to another city tomorrow, we know that there is so much to reflect on and talk to God about with our church when we get home. We are praying that many more workers will be called into the field. The lost are great in number, but the harvest is plentiful. Our friends expressed much appreciation to God for what he has done in gathering multiple churches in our home town to have a united heart in the work that is being done here. As we prayer walk the city it is clear that there is so much yet to be done.
Please pray for our travel starting tomorrow to new cities as well as for discussions with new friends. Please also pray for university teachers that we will be interacting with tomorrow in small groups. Ask that their hearts will be open and that the Holy Spirit would guide us in boldness to be a faithful witness.

Please Pray for…

  • Safety as the team travels to a new city
  • Conversations that will happen with university teachers
  • Ordained appointments
  • Continual health and rest for the team

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