I perceive that in every way you are very religious…

Today we were able to go to a brand new mall in the city. Our goal was to prayer walk the mall as we sought the leading of the Holy Spirit. This city is moving towards urbanization at a rapid pace. The people are getting jobs in cities and seeking material gain. City planners and developers want to capitalize so they build massive developments, anticipating growth. Ultimately they are banking on the rise of consumerism. It became clear to us that we were witnessing something similar to Paul in Acts 17. He walked through the marketplace of Athens and saw that the people were very religious. Their focus was not on God, but on their own desires and their own well being. People flock to this mall seeking to fill a void in their souls. This void can only be filled by that which is eternal. Unfortunately the mall cannot offer this. We pray that God would reveal Jesus to them so that they can have the bread of life and living water.
In the afternoon we were able to talk with friends about the work being done across the region. It was so exciting to discuss what God is doing and talk of how we can walk together in obedience to the call. The dependence on the Holy Spirit is such a powerful theme that is continually shown to us. Our morning devotion had us starting the day realizing that the same Holy Spirit that led thousands to believe on Pentecost is with us still today. His power is not diminished. We long to live in such a way that His power is revealed through us!
This place is very lost and very dark. When we talk with people on the streets and interact with them there is an emptiness in their expressions. They are without purpose and hope. Well, at least they think they are. God does have a purpose and Jesus offers hope. Pray that workers would be sent in the field so that all know this truth!
Please pray for our missionary friends. It is clear that this time is refreshing and invigorating for them. They are on the front lines daily.
We are all feeling well, but please continue to pray for rest and energy.

Pray for:

  • Rest and energy for the team as they labor in the fields
  • More workers in the fields
  • Refreshment for current workers
  • the advancement of the kingdom!

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