God is Creating a Masterpiece (Update 3)

Today we woke up, had breakfast, and headed over to our friends place for morning worship. It was a great opportunity to join with a group of workers from around the area to praise God, listen to Him, and pray for each other. The teaching was on the role we play in sharing Jesus Christ with others and the role that the Holy Spirit plays. It is truly encouraging and empowering to know that He brings people to himself. It is our privilege to be used as we are obedient. This group is a truly international group as over 4 nationalities are represented.
We had lunch with friends and then were able to go with them to a nearby mountain that overlooks all of G-city. We spent time looking over the city and lifting it up in prayer. One of the takeaways that our team had was how we walked during the day on the streets, which were filled with people and activity, yet when we saw the whole city that street looked very small. As a team member put it, God is putting a puzzle together and using us to put the pieces in place. We don’t know what it will look like, exactly, when it is complete. We only know what the piece we are involved with looks like. He knows the picture He is working on. It is good for us to remember in our current calling and context that it is a small part of a very large story. Though it is small, it is critical for the picture to be complete. We cannot get so involved in our calling that we fail to pause and see all that God is doing around us, and around the world. While talking to God we considered how he desired to have our church involved in this place.
Thankfully we are getting over the jetlag, but it is taking some time for stomachs to adjust. Please pray for health in general and specifically that stomachs could calm down. Please also pray for the church here as it continues to grow as two new leaders will be installed soon!

Please pray for….

  • Health of the team as they continue to adjust to a new culture
  • Rest/Energy
  • Divine appointments/ Salvation
  • The local church as they continue to labor and as new leadership is put in place

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