We Are Here (Update 2)

After just over 30 hours of travel time including flights and layovers we arrived in G-city! As you can imagine we arrived in a zombie type state. We definitely bonded as a team through this time making memories and creating stories that will always remain with us. After checking into the hotel we met with friends to eat dinner at one of our favorite places. For those of us who have been before it was fun catching up with friends and hearing of all the current events in the city. For those coming here for the first time it was a great introduction to some of the work being done here. For all of us, it was very insightful as we were able to hear some of the stories detailing what it is like for a family to live here in service to God.
At our daily debrief time we talked about how we need the Holy Spirit to work through us. Right now we are at a very weak point. Our bodies are ready to shut down and in some way it has blessed us by reminding us that we cannot accomplish the task in our own strength.

Please pray for:
-a restful night
-Our bodies to become acclimated to a new cuisine
-our minds and hearts to be attentive as we learn more of what God is doing here tomorrow
-appointments to be made for us
-for the Holy Spirit to show His power through us and equip us for the work

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