CH July Trip Update #8: Church Services and Safely Home

Praise God! The team made it back home last night. Thank you for being a part of our team by lifting them up daily. Please see their last update below of what Sunday was like for them.

Our final full day in country the team was blessed with different worship services in the Cap-City.  Three of us attended a home church while the other four went to a “Three Self Church”.  A Three Self Church, incidentally, is a government ‘approved’ church that is actively monitored to ensure political correctness and compliance.  At the heart, the government doesn’t want Christians to instigate dissention nor evangelism within its own borders.
So, our team had two very distinct worship experiences yet in their uniqueness they were each just as powerful as the other.  At the home church one of our team members preached on the assurance of God’s timely promises as well as our obligation toward obedience.  Another team member also shared a message on the price that has to be paid to be a disciple of Jesus.  Interestingly, at the Three Self Church the message came from the passages of Psalm 96:1-9 and Luke 9:57-62, which speak of declaring God’s glory among the nations and that to be a follower of Christ one must be willing to leave everything behind.  Throughout the three messages there were common threads tying them together and looking back it’s undeniable that we all needed to hear these words from the Lord.
Reflecting on our visit to China, we spent time talking over some much needed coffee.  We shared with each other the lessons learned and how God used this trip to draw us closer to Him.  We also admitted to each other where God is leading us and why foreign missions is so important.  To be sure, Jesus’ command to ‘go and make disciples’ was not a command to a select few but rather it is an all inclusive command He gave to all of us.  Our team has been blessed by this past week and our prayer is that the Lord will call more workers to the field to take part in gardening souls for the kingdom.

Please Pray:

  • For more workers. Are you one of them?

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