CH July Trip Update #6: Longing for Home

After finally arriving in Joe City, we were reunited with our old friends that the last team spent much time with.  It was so good to see them again after so long yet for a couple of the team members it was their first time to meet them.  To be in the presence of someone who has a sold out passion for the Kingdom is so refreshing.  At lunch and dinner we shared in fellowship, listening to them talk about their field and the mission God has called them to.  It was fitting, then, for all of us to join them in a rented apartment for a prayer and praise meeting with a few members of their house church.  Together, we sang songs, some songs only in English, some only in Chinese and others we sang in the two languages at the same time.  Worshiping in unison, lifting our hearts to heaven and bowing before the throne of grace, broken, burdened for the lost and rejoicing in the Spirit.
Our souls long to be in the presence of Jesus.  There is a gap between us and our eternal home. His love for our souls is beyond our finite human comprehension and as our relationship with Him is deepened, we get a glimpse of heaven.  With each passing day, as our days on this earth draw to a close, our longing for Him will only be satisfied when we see our Savior face to face.  What a glorious day that will be.

Please Pray:

  • For our friends as they continue to work in the field and that the members of their church would grow in their faith. 
  • Pray especially now for a young lady who’s been attending their group for some time yet who has not confessed her need for the God’s love expressed through His Son.  She has questions, big questions; but only God can satisfy.

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