CH July Trip Update #5: Singing and Prayer

Today we were moved by the things we witnessed and by what we found that we were a part of.  Know that your prayers are being heard and as a result, we believe, the Spirit is moving among the people.  While four members of the team went to a village the rest of us went back to a local church to allow our teaching team member to finish his teaching.

The English speaking couple mentioned yesterday guided four members to a village where one of the wife’s cousins lived but he is not a believer; although his mother-in-law is.  I’m hesitant to use adverbs like, “funny”, “strangely” or “oddly” to describe how things played out in the village.  One cannot deny what seems to be within our control simply isn’t and that there are purposes for why things happen that is beyond our understanding.  While in the village, the team was invited by a church leader to come into their facility and before too long song broke out amongst the mixed group – all the while this cousin was witnessing these events unfold.  Of course, there was also conversation, which he participated in; but what may have had the greatest impact was the conduct of the group and the love that was shared.  Love is an unusual and rare commodity here that cannot be ignored.

The rest of us went back to the church within L-City and our teacher wrapped up his teaching with two, three hour sessions.  The teachings centered on how a growing and maturing body of believers should remain faithful to the truth and pure toward the simplicity in Jesus. alone, to spread the Good News and how to treat each other with love and sincerity.  At the end of the session prayer was in order.  This was no ordinary prayer meeting though – at least not like what we’re used to back home.  No, this was on the order of Pentecost.  Suffice it to say, those of us who were privileged to participate will never be the same.

Please Pray:

  • For the leaders that have gone through the teaching. That the Holy Spirit would use the teaching of the Word to refine their hearts.
  • For the team as we focus on the remaining mission.
  • For the cousin in the village that does not yet believe.

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