CH July Trip Update #4: His Plans and Ours

In planning for this visit we knew our plans were all subject to change by the hand of God.  Our mission though seemed very clear from the outset.  More than two years ago a certain key leader in the local body expressed her desire to bring in quality teaching with discipleship as the focus.  It was no surprise to learn that the enemy who seeks to kill, steal and destroy had crept into the body and sent false teachers to spread his damaging lies that sought to twist the truth.
Thankfully, this local leader was comforted and assured by our past couple of teams before us who helped lay the ground work for our team to continue to minister effectively.  Originally, one of our team members had been asked to teach for about three hours but that invitation turned into a request for three days worth of teaching totaling roughly 15 hours.  It goes to show that the local body is hungry for the truth and that God knows best in how and when the message should be delivered.  It is also a testament to the vast impact the gospel is having in this country.
While our teaching team member, our translator and another team member were away for the better part of the day the rest of us remained behind with an English speaking couple who are themselves also young believers.  This married couple, however, are not currently tied into a fellowship and are rightfully starving for spiritual nourishment.  Following the Spirit’s lead the group divided in order to minister to the husband and wife separately.  The wife incidentally, is a native and new to the faith.  It was a blessing to hear that God is using the husband in his sphere of influence and is convicted daily of his role as the spiritual leader of the home.  The women too had a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry.
It bares reemphasis that today’s events were not planned and yet God used every bit of the day to make His name great.  We worked more efficiently by dividing and multiplying – only in His economy does that equation work so well.  Pray that this couple would find rest in Him and continue to grow in their walk as well as for the body of the local fellowship that they will deepen their understanding of the Word as they seek to fulfill the mission.

Please Pray:

  • For those of our team that are teaching long hours to hungry church leaders.
  • For the young married couple to grow in their faith and connect with a local body of believers.
  • For energy and focus for the team.

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