July Trip Update #8: Headed Home

The team is about to wake up and head to the airport for a long trek home. Please read this final update until their safe arrival and be praying for safe travel.

Please continue to read updates on this blog as another team that needs your prayers are on their way right now to follow up on some things that this trip saw God do!


Dear family and friends,
As I sit down to write this final letter, I am in awe of our God.  Throughout the course of this trip we have seen His faithfulness and power.  Mighty things are taking place in this great land and it is simply the result of His doing.  Even now, a new team is on their way to L-County in order to pick up where we left off with the church leaders.  God is so perfect with his planning that our translator is going to be working alongside this group as well.  She has already formed a relationship with these leaders.
Today our team spent time in prayer for G-City.  We divided up into three groups and spent the morning walking throughout the city.  We lifted up the students, churches, and local believers.  We were blown away that within just a few short hours almost five people were able to hear the truth!  One group was even privileged to meet and encourage a local college student that turned out to be a believer.  Her joy in the Lord was evident and it stood out from among her peers.  We know that through believers like herself, God is going to do even greater things than we can imagine.
This afternoon, two of our team members had the opportunity to meet with a church and discuss worship. The situation was much like what you would read about in a book about missionaries. God was present and it was a sweet time.
Tonight we rest and early tomorrow morning we will begin our journey back home. We will have many stories to tell and much rejoicing to share. Thank you for covering us with prayer.  Please continue as we have a long trip ahead of us!
Team East Asia

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