July Trip Update #6: Saying Goodbye and Rest

Today we had to say goodbye to our interpreter. She has become part of our family so it was a bit of a struggle to see her leave, but we are thankful for this new friendship.
We loaded up the bus again and headed for a new city for an overnight stay. We met a young Chinese, English speaking couple in the bus station. They were serious Spurs fans and wanted to hear all about San Antonio.  They told us that they had already planned to visit San Antonio some time in the future, so contact numbers were shared. The light of our Father was shown in this conversation.
We continue to look for opportunities to talk about Jesus even though we are entering a “rest” portion of the trip. Please pray for those times to come as we begin to wind up our time here.
East Asia Team

Please Pray:

  • For continuing opportunities to share the gospel with those who need to hear.
  • For the Holy Spirit to aid in the team recognizing and remembering what God has done on this trip.
  • For rest. The team has been going strong for many days.
  • For safe travel as they head to the city that they will leave on Sunday to come home.
  • For believers that they will meet with a day before they leave for training and encouragement.

One Comment on “July Trip Update #6: Saying Goodbye and Rest

  1. Praying for a safe return trip for this great group. Thanks for representing all Christians on your trip!

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