July Trip Update #5: It’s a Way of Life

Today we got up and went to a Buddhist temple to prayer-walk. As we climbed the steps, it almost took our breath away as we could sense the darkness that loomed over this place. As we prayer-walked, our interpreter took the opportunity to explain the different traditions that exist. One particular area of interest was a very tall flume. She shared with us that as a little girl, she used to help her grandmother prepare for this tradition. The Chinese people take very colorful paper and skillfully cut out shapes of shoes, clothes, anything that they could offer to the god’s. They take these items and burn them in the flumes believing that the gods required them and that this was the only way a person could receive good things. This practice is also done in private homes on a daily basis using insence. We asked her what their belief was concerning death. She said that they don’t even think about it. Instead they put everything into their gods hoping that they will give them good things. So many stories were told by our interpreter.  Our hearts were broken for these people as there is obviously no hope. I ask that you lift up our interpreter’s mom and grandmother. They are supportive of her, but do not share, nor want to hear about her belief’s. (We have dubbed her the “Beth Moore of China”. )
After we left the temple, we received a message from one if the churh leader ladies asking us to return to the church to talk with her more about the next team that will follow us. She was already at work contacting her leadership about meeting up with this team, and currently has 20 people in leadership from her church and others, planning to meet with them. They are hungry for more! The next team will be training them in disciple making.  Please lift them up along with the team.
We asked our interpreter to share an experience with the church lady that she had earlier in the morning. She met a young man in the store and felt compelled to tell him about God. The young man told her that another lady had approached him earlier and asked the same thing. He told her that he did not believe, but that he kept hearing about God from people.  We knew that seeds were being planted in this young man’s life.  What was amazing to us, was the church lady’s reaction to this story.  With a smile she simply responded, “Telling people is what we are supposed to do.” For many members of this church, sharing about Jesus isn’t something they do, it is a way of life. We will forever be challenged by the simple words of this church lady.
We returned to Joe City and were blessed by our missionary friends, as they invited us into their home for dinner. She had prepared a TX sized BBQ meal for us.  We had the privilege of praying over them and their baby girl that will make her appearance some time in October. Please lift them up too as they continue the work!
-Team China

Please Pray:

  • For the boldness of the church members that we connected with.
  • For the next team who will be training them.
  • For the gospel to spread through this region through these believers!
  • For our missionary friends who are expecting a baby.
  • For the team to finish strong and prepare to come back home.

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