July Trip Update #4: Hope is Rising

Today was another incredible day as we traveled to a city to meet with some sisters in Christ who we have built a relationship with. They are local believers who risk much to take the gospel out into villages surrounding the city, meeting under the cover of night.  We first met with one of the ladies in her place of business. She was so excited to see our team. After she closed the door and turned on some music for white noise, she was able to begin sharing with us what was going on in her church and then arranged for us to go to the church to meet with another lady. During this time, we found that God is moving among the M-People in mighty ways.  His word is spreading and hope is rising.  Our team was blessed to spend time with both of these ladies and to hear of their work for the Kingdom.
After we spent time listening and encouraging these ladies, we then took part in a time of praying around the campus and in lifting up praise to God.  Our hearts were moved as we saw and understood the selfless faith of these women.  Our hearts were also moved as we each lifted our voices in praise and you could hear both English and Chinese being sung. It was a gentle reminder that when it comes to lifting praise, our languages are still the same in God’s eyes.
Though the ladies have very little, they have surrendered their lives to the cause of the gospel.  Please be in prayer for these women and their community. Also, please pray on behalf of their husbands as they are very hostile towards God and the work that their wives are doing.
Tomorrow our team will continue to prayer-walk around L County and will then return to Joe City.
Thank you all for your prayer and support,

Team Asia

Please Pray:

  • For the ladies that are risking much for the sake of the gospel.
  • For more workers to be called out to the villages.
  • For the husbands of these ladies to come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • For believers to be encouraged and emboldened.
  • For the team to have renewed energy to finish the trip strong.

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