July Trip Update #3: Follow Up and Praise

Today we saw God move as we split into two groups and did some follow up with people that the last team had been in contact with.

One team headed to a city where we searched for a lady whom the first group met earlier in the month. She was a professed believer.  With only a picture and a description of where she lived in hand, our translator was able to locate her home.  We knocked on what we thought was her door, but it turned out to be her neighbor.  As we talked with the neighbor, we learned that the believers husband was very ill and she had gone to another city where her family could help her care for him.  As we talked with the neighbor, she invited us in to her home and offered us cool water.  As we spoke through our translator, we were able to get the phone number of the believer. We contacted her and had an opportunity to pray with her.  As we hung up the phone, we heard her husband say in English “thank you”.   We then continued our conversation with the neighbor and learned that she was not a believer.  She told us that since we listened to her story, she wanted to hear our story so we shared our story with her.  She was interested in our story but could not accept it because she felt it would be disloyal to her parent’s belief.  Although she didn’t accept today, a seed was planted. Please pray that her neighbor and her other friends, who she told us we’re believers, will continue telling her the story and that she will one day believe.

Another team traveled to a small town in search of an older man that had recently made a decision with the last team that came through in June.  The search for this particular man turned into a lunch with a young couple unrelated to the man we were searching for.  We later found out that the wife was a believer and member of the local house church.  Her husband had not yet chosen to believe, but thought that he would one day. Our team was able to share with this man and pray for him.  Later on, we were able to meet with the man that we were originally looking for and encourage him in his walk.

Tomorrow our team will be heading into the countryside in order to meet with some of the M-People. Please pray for us as we hope to share the life-giving gospel in this area.


Team Asia

Please Pray:

  • For the husband that is ill and for the family that is caring for him. 
  • For the family’s faith during this time of hardship.
  • For the neighbor who sees the love of foreigners caring for a family across the world for one reason alone, our bond in Jesus Christ! Pray that the love we have for each other to be a testimony to Christ and that she would believe!
  • For the young couple that we had lunch with. Pray that the husband would believe and begin to lead his family spiritually. (like in the US, lack of male leadership is a major area of prayer need)
  • For the older man who prayed to receive in June. Pray that his faith is strengthened and that he would plug in with a local church.
  • For the safety and health of the team as they moved into more rural settings today. 
  • For God to arrange the meetings with those who the team are to meet with.
  • For the Spirit to move in the hearts of the lost so that they would be saved!

2 Comments on “July Trip Update #3: Follow Up and Praise

  1. This is all very encouraging and wonderful news. How exciting for you to “run into” other believers. I hope this gives you encouragement to know we are keeping tabs on you and praying for you daily. Grace and peace for you all.

  2. I ask that our Father continue to enable them to “run into” you and for you to “find” them who He appoints for you to find and that the family grows. His word will not return void. All prayers being prayed for. Grace and Peace to you!

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