Final Update: Home Sweet Home

Sunday, Oct. 26

The Three Self Church in L-City has two morning services, one at 9:30am and the other at 12 noon. We arrived for the 9:30am service and were greeted by the sound of singing as we entered the first floor of the building. The church auditorium is on the second floor and there were about 30 to 40 people at the service. The choir was wearing bright pink T-Shirts over their regular clothes, each labeled on the front in English “God loves you” and on the back a large dove and the word “Peace”. They sang two songs and then they asked us to sing a song. We had not prepared for this and all we could do was sing “Jesus Loves Me”. This is in their hymnal and they were singing along with us.
There was a male pastor who delivered the sermon. Again I could not understand his words but were able to follow in my Bible the scripture references. His theme was Jesus the only way to salvation and he used several references including John 10:1-10 in which Jesus said I am the gate for the sheep, whoever enters through me will be saved. Also Matt. 7:13-14 which references the narrow and wide gates; Acts 4:12 which states salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved; and 1 Corinthians 2:1-16 which includes the passage, the essence of the Christian witness is to proclaim Jesus Christ and him crucified.
Sunday afternoon we met with Mrs. H, a member of the church. (This is one of the leaders that our March team made strong connections with) We met with her at her business. She has such a radiant smile. She and one or two other ladies of the church go each Tuesday and Thursday nights to the town square in order to witness, and go on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights to the villages. She told us they needed discipleship training and we talked about how we could provide this with our future teams. We assured her that we had been praying and would continue to pray for her, her church and their witness for the Lord.

Monday, Oct. 27

This was our last day to have our translator with us and at our devotional time we asked how we could be in prayer for him. Among the matters he mentioned was prayer for himself as he seeks to lead his church.(A house church.) He feels the main item they need is discipleship training. His church’s target will be to reach the unreached areas around the city in which he lives.
We traveled several hours by two different buses to G-city where we had dinner with our friend who serves as a missionary in that city. He shared that the greatest need among the believers is for discipleship training. His team has prepared materials which has been translated into Mandarin. He will send us a copy of his materials. We shared with him the 3 minute video Jonah had given us, and we will be sending this to him.

One message has been made clear to us by the requests these last two days, and that is the need for discipleship training. I think the Lord desires us to focus on this in our future trips. The second way we can serve is as a connection point between believers in various cities to share materials, whether the materials come from here or from there, we can be the link between various believers in the various towns.

Thank you for praying for our team for the past couple of weeks! You have been such a large part of God’s work.