Update #6: Praying over the City and Dinner with Friends

Praying over the City

We went to the Buddhist Temple that sits on a strategic hill overlooking the city. We climbed to the top where they have a large statue from which you have a panoramic view of the city. Two young women approached and asked if they could have their picture taken with us. As the photos were being taken, our translator began to ask them about their religion. He suggests instead of worshipping a man-made God, they worship the God that created everything. They continued talking for a few more minutes and then one of the girls and he exchange telephone numbers. This girls lives in N-city, where he lives, but grew up in L-City. She told him she might call him so she could go to his church. Praise the father for “chance” encounters even at the Buddhist temple that allowed two more individuals to hear about the one true G d.

Dinner with friends

We had dinner tonight with three teachers from the high school. These three each teach English. We had met them on previous trips. We learned that all three of them had graduated from the college in Joe-city where our friends now teach. At dinner we shared the good news with them. I pray that the Lord will bless the seed that was planted and that in due time the seed will mature in each to full faith and belief.