Update #4: Joe City



               We started this day with a devotional including all our team and Tim, our translator. One of our team was so impressed with the Christian couple that we had dinner with last night as they talked about their feelings for the believers they are discipling. They said they find themselves with the same feelings Paul expressed in his letters to his churches. That sometimes the believers just weren’t getting the message. They took comfort from the fact that if the great teacher Paul could feel frustrated in his disciples, then it wasn’t unusual that they might feel frustrated with theirs. We will have the opportunity to meet with their disciples tomorrow night. Please pray that the Lord will bless that time for both us and these new believers.

Day in Joe City

               Chris and Pat went to the college classrooms today and enjoyed visiting with the students in the student’s oral English classes. Chris and Pat even helped some freshmen who were playing soccer for the very first time.

Sandy and I explored part of the city near the hotel and spent time with Tim. He is a fascinating young man of 31. He comes from a minority people group located on the border of Vietnam. In fact his village used to be part of Vietnam until about 1980 when China moved the border and made it part of China. He became a believer at college. He has worked as a youth pastor at one of the colleges and is now the pastor of a house church. I asked if his parents were believers, and he said his mother was after he witnessed to her for 10 years.

English Corner

               Tonight we visited the English corner at the university. An English corner is a gathering of people who desire to practice their oral English. This one meets outside at the school and can run from one to two hours. There were about 15 to 20 students there tonight. We had to be more guarded in what we said than we would have liked because of the presence of a westerner (they are usually more of a hindrance than help), a former teacher at the school, who is not a believer.
Tomorrow we have hired a van to take us out to some of the surrounding villages.

Please Pray

-Pray that the Lord may open doors for us in the villages and for his continued work in each of us as he continues to show us new insights into his love for others.

-Please continue to pray for our team members specifically: Jim, Sandy, Chris, and Pat. Also continue to pray for their families and loved ones back home.

One Comment on “Update #4: Joe City

  1. Love it!walking with the spirit feeling your way being led so called chance encounters am praying for you

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