Update #3: Church and Travel

Church Service
    This morning we were blessed to attend G-City Christian Church. It is a large two story church located on one of the main streets of town. The inside of the church was very similar to many of ours with four sets of seats divided by a center aisle, with balconies on the back and each side. At the front of the church behind the stage is a large cross and underneath in English are the words “God be with us”.

    We were handed a simple program as we entered which contained the words to some of the songsto be sung and the scripture passage from which the message was taken. There were two services this morning, one at 8 and the other at 10. We attended the 10 service. As songs were sung more and more people came into the service. All together there were 200 to 250 in attendance. Several of the songs were ones we recognized the melody but not the words since they were singing in Chinese. But we did learn there are two words that are the same in both languages. These are the words “hallelujah “ and the word “amen”.

    The scripture passage was Matthew 8:10-14, the parable of the lost sheep. Since I couldn’t understand the pastors words, I keep reading the passage. I think this parable teaches the Father’s concern for the individual . Isn’t that the way to win a city or a country, one individual soul at a time. Isn’t that the reason to tell anyone about the Father, because “the Father is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.”

Bullet Train

After lunch we took a bullet train from G-city to River City South. Most of the time we weretraveling at a speed of 125mph with no feeling of motion or road noise from the rails. This is normally a three hour ride by bus and we traveled it in one hour. From River City South  we traveled by bus to Joe City. Here me met our translator Tim, and a young Christian couplewho live here. We enjoyed a good meal and Christian fellowship as we prepare for the next   several days.

Please Pray 

-Please thank the Lord for our safe travel so far, with no problems in getting ourselves and our luggage to Joe City.
-Pray for divine appointments.
-Pray for contacts with other persons of peace here in this city.
-Pray for the right contacts to be able to host a December team here who desires to share thetrue meaning of Christmas.


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