China Mission Team Newsletter | Issue 11 | March – July 2014

The Spring Break Team experienced a wonderful trip as God brought them together and excited them to the mission.  Please read the daily blogs from the trip that are posted on Look at the bottom of the page in Categories to “Newsletters.”

A decision was made not to take a summer trip this year but one is now being planned for October.  It will be led by Jim and Sandy Hale.  The approximate trip dates are October 16- October 30.  The purposes and goals of the trip will be:

  • To help, train, and encourage the national “Bible women” who are taking the Gospel out on a weekly basis to the surrounding villages
  • To prayerwalk L-City and Y-City and other towns and villages
  • To work towards the strategic vision of establishing a business that can be the cover for our missionary to the people
  • To build relationships with Chinese nationals for sharing the Gospel
  • To build a unified team that works together in Christ-like ways (Philippians 2)

Please prayerfully consider your participation on this trip. If you are interested in getting more info or would like to complete an application please let me know by mid-August.

The China Mission Team needs you “To Do” something:

  • Pray for the believers who live in L-City and Y-City.
  • Pray for more workers.
  • Pray for the short term trips.
  • Go yourself on one of our trips.

October 2014

            December 2014 – January 2015

            Spring Break 2015

            Summer 2015

  • Give so that others can go.  Log onto and click on the donation button.
  • Support the work by working here.

a.         Help develop the business ministry to be put in China

b.         Work on communication, newsletters, online promotion strategy, maintain communication with other churches and organizations and all team members.

c.         Operations ministry, help with bookkeeping, take care of logistical planning for short term trips.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support,


Jim Hale


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