Update #8: The Great Wall

***Please note: This is a day late due to bad WiFi connection yesterday. We are currently in the Detroit airport waiting to board for San Antonio!***
Two walls were discovered today. The trip has been an absolute blast and we cannot believe that it is almost over! Leaving each city, each relationship, and even East Asia itself is difficult. The last day is spent in a relaxing way so that we can recover our energy and also so that we can collect our thoughts on what we have experienced this week.
The First Wall
It was clear through our early morning plane ride from G-city to Beijing and on the bus to the Great Wall that our team had “hit a wall.” Our exhaustion was evident as a very noisy crowd became eerily quiet. Plainly, we are tired. We have done a lot of walking, talking, praying, and other things and it has caught up to us. Thanks to God that the wall was hit at the right time in the course of our trip. We are extremely thankful for your prayers asking God to give us health and energy on this trip. As we reflected tonight in our final debrief we agreed that we felt the effects of you prayers. Appointments were made in advance by God, everyone stayed healthy, the darkness was pushed back, workers were encouraged, the lost were loved, the lost were engaged with the Gospel, the streets were prayed over, the sick were prayed over, students were loved on, children were loved on, the needy were provided for, and that is only the things on my mind as I think of all that God accomplished through our short trip. Thank you for joining in the work so that He could use us!
The Great Wall
The major event today was our trek on the Great Wall. It is such an amazing feat of mankind and it is such a great thrill to walk on it. One thing stood out though. Though the Great Wall is one of man’s greatest accomplishments it is but a speck of dust compared to the awesomeness of the mountains on which it sits. God is so good to us to allow us to enjoy His creation. If we weren’t tired enough, the hike on the wall definitely finished the job. Late night devo was at KFC and it was a great time discussing how we can possibly relay to each one of you how Father moved in us, though us, and around us on this trip. You are such a critical part of our team and we want to share the best moments and insights with you!
Tomorrow we visit Pearl Market and attempt to get great deals while fending off aggressive sales people. It will be a fun morning as we look for fun gifts to bring home. Just so you know our team agreed to not shop at all on this trip until the very last day. We are excited to look at souvenirs and think of you as we do. Our flight leaves tomorrow afternoon at 5:50pm (Sunday) and we arrive in SAT at 10:49pm on Sunday. Crazy! Please excuse our jetlag for the next few days.
We are all sad to be leaving this place, but we are also extremely excited to see all of you!
Please Pray:
  • Please pray that we would enjoy each other on our last day and enjoy our first time on this trip to completely relax.
  • Please pray for safe travel as we fly home.
  • Please pray for more workers to go into the field. Are you one of them?
  • Please pray for the M-People.
See you at the airport!

2 Comments on “Update #8: The Great Wall

  1. Patricia & Bob Chamlee......Auburn, Al (WARRRRRR Eagle

    We are so glad the Lord kept you all safe and we are happy that many people now have heard of Jesus because of your devotion and obedience to God.
    May the Lord continue to bless you.

  2. We are thankful that you are back in the U.S.A. safe and sound. We pray that God will greatly bless your efforts in China and that the seeds planted will continue to be watered by other Christians so that many new Believers will be born into the Kingdom!
    Our prayers have been with you! Gene & Marcia Hill in Auburn, AL

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