Update #7: Goodbye G-City

Finishing Strong

Today was our final day in G-city. We leave tomorrow to fly to Beijing and scale the Great Wall! Before the tourist part of our trip we had to finish strong in our work.

One group had lunch with a teacher that they have been building a friendship with. She still has many questions about the Gospel and a worker in G-city will follow up with her when we leave to continue the relationship.

As many Prayerwalked the city for the last time there were many things that stuck out:

  • The large number of people who have never heard the name of Jesus
  • The spiritual awareness that our prayers bring to our daily lives
  • The need for that intentionality in prayer when we return home


Our entire team met for dinner and we treated a new friend to the meal. This is the friend that worked so hard to get our luggage back to us. It was a great dinner featuring none other than Peking Duck!!! It was amazing and a member of our team actually got to carve part of the duck. We feasted and enjoyed the time of fellowship as we remembered many great stories and experiences that we have shared over the course of this week. We finished the night by walking down a popular street downtown that has many shops and food places, one being McDonald’s.

It is hard for us to say goodbye to all of the new, and old, friends that we have. The team is looking forward to taking it easy and enjoying the Great Wall tomorrow.

Please Pray:

  • Please pray for the safety of our travel as we fly to Beijing.
  • Please pray for energy and rejuvenation as we reflect on our trip.
  • Please pray that we would be able to organize our thoughts well enough to bring home the great stories of testimony to everyone we know.

Until tomorrow,

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